Recommended books about depression and anxiety

When you're very depressed reading a book might seem like a daunting task. I suggest you listen to audiobooks if it's easier.

Understanding your depression or anxiety is an important step in your journey towards better mental health. Knowing what's going on with your mind helps you feel less desperate.

Books & audiobooks

Hardcore Self Help: F**K Depression

This is the book I would recommend first for anyone that's depressed. Robert Duff Phd is absolutely commited to helping people with depression and anxiety. He speaks about the subject with sincere passion and desire to help —which is not always present in books about depression.

This book is practical, caring and short. You will learn a lot about what depression is, and about small steps you can take to get better.

Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy

This is the book from which the Burns Depression Test is based on. It's a practical and hands on book.

Based on Cognitive Therapy, this is the book that explains how the way we think ends up affecting our moods —not the other way around.

Cognitive Therapy is one of those things that seems simple at first glance, but has the power to change your life for the better. You have to give this book a chance. It's for your own good!

The Mindful Way Through Depression

This is a powerful and deep book. It explains how our minds work —often against us— when we're depressed. The authors make a very clear case of why you can't just "think yourself out of depression".

The book offers an introduction to mindfulness as a practice in which we learn to let go of thoughts, allow to let them be, and recognize the difference between thinking, feeling emotions and being phisically active. It's a gentle teaching, full of wisdom and based on scientific reasearch.